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Now I Can Blog from Everywhere!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Disestablished and Lockdown in New Zealand - What a year!

My role at ASB was disestablished and Covid 19 happened at the same time, so I ended up without a job and then New Zealand shut down for several weeks the first time and then we were free for a handful of weeks and then hey-presto, wouldn't you know it, we were back in lockdown for a second time, although not for as long. You'd think I would find the time to create a blog and write more, but a strange thing happened, I became idle, watched a lot of Netflix, followed a couple of awesome You Tube shows (now I'm addicted) and generally did nothing except eat, chat via Facebook/Messenger/Zoom with family and friends. I'm only just now getting my head back together and I think it's because we are no longer in lockdown and I've managed to find myself a part-time job which I will start in two weeks time, all going well.

I am just getting back into writing and have begun work on a new manuscript, another romantic comedy. Let's see how that pans out.

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