Tart Vs. Shortcake - a televised bake-off that goes deliciously wrong!

Hi everyone - well, Tart Vs. Shortcake is finally alive and well on Amazon. It's been up in the USA for a week now, but I've been waiting for the links to appear for the UK and Australia as well and they're finally up.  I love this book. It's my fave so far! It's also a book without magic unless you call romance and love magical and I certainly do.  So without further adieu, here's what it's about! Short and sweet!


 A televised bake-off that goes deliciously wrong!


Tart Vs. Shortcake is a crazy mixed-up romantic comedy involving two celebrity chefs, their agents, a meddling PA, a chihuahua, an old-english sheepdog and a crazy cat that thinks it's a dog!  And then there's that bake-off that results in an accidental poisoning. Oops!


Get your copy today on Amazon on

  USA   /  UK  /   AU

Also available on Kindle Unlimited  

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