The Christmas Countdown is on

November 18, 2016


Loving this seasonal commercial put out by Heathrow Airport. So yes, the

Christmas Countdown

is on.


I love Christmas and New Year.  In New Zealand it signifies summer holidays which is totally foreign to those in other climates. I spent two Christmas's in the Northern Hemisphere a very, very long time ago. The first Christmas was in London where I was living and working. We (we being my travel buddy and I) had a house full of expat's over for Christmas in our Bayswater basement flat where we proceeded to cook a traditional British roast beef dinner. We ate so much food we had to lie on the floor afterwards and spent a good amount of time moaning and stating "I never should have eaten that".  A couple of hours later, someone said, let's have dessert, and we all readily agreed.  After that, there was more moaning and groaning to be had from the floor of the lounge.


The second time, was a year later in Noordgouwe, a small town in Holland where I was based while working for the travel company, Contiki.  It was a gorgeous little town and we spent a lot of time at the bar ordering Jagermeisters and then wobbling back home to base afterwards.  Christmas there was crisp and cold and with lots of snow. Being a handy bunch, we had a tree but no decorations and we fashioned a star for the top of the tree out of sate skewers and tampons. Needs must.


Summer for Kiwis in New Zealand means BBQ's, jandals, shorts, sunblock and holidays at the beach as well as time off from work. 


Either way. I love Christmas. 

Meanwhile, I'm working madly on my latest book Tart vs. Shortcake as well as a couple of promotions that are coming up.  Subscribe to my newsletter if you want to stay updated.  In the meantime, here's a wee snippet from my work in progress (Tart vs. Shortcake).


Charlotte’s cheeks grew pink with delectable temper. There was a longing in her eyes and he knew it was for him. God knew he understood. He longed for her too.


“You need to learn self-control,” she huffed, her wistful tone making him just the slightest bit hopeful. “It’s sadly lacking when it comes to touching people you oughtn’t.”






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