Peonies, Tart vs Shortcake and Christmas!

November 11, 2016


Peonies, Tart vs Shortcake and Christmas!


Why Peonies - well, because I love them. They cost a fortune and mostly out of my budget even when in season as they are now. Aren't they gorgeous.


It's heading towards Christmas and I can hardly believe it.  Only three more pays for those that get paid once a fortnight! Cripes! Double Cripes if you're like me and not in the slightest bit prepared!


This also means I'm almost a year older as well and as the next birthday (in January) is a big one, I've been mentally gearing myself ready for it.  I tell myself, I'm young at heart.  I'm astonished to find that I have a son who is 36. How did that happen I ask? What have I been doing for the past few years, let alone 2016?. 


The past year has been a busy one, working a full-time job as an administrator for a bank, being a nana to two darling grandchildren and writing or talking about writing a lot of the time, and generally hanging out with friends and family. It's amazing how quickly that time just whizzes by.


In case you are wondering there is another book in the works. It's a romantic comedy and it's current working title is Tart vs Shortcake. There's no magic or paranormal elements in this book, but I have to say that baking tarts and shortcakes has a certain alchemy to it and well, the word alchemy has a certain magical ring to it don't you think?  The book is coming along quite nicely, and will be out next year - no set date but it will be the first quarter of 2017.  I'm loving writing this book and I think it's funny. Let's hope you do to.


Here's a snippet from Tart vs. Shortcake to whet the appetite:


There were three loves in George Hurley’s life. His job, his family, and Charlotte Meyer, (like the lemon). Unfortunately Charlotte had dumped him three months ago for something he hadn’t done. As far as he was concerned she had got the wrong end of gossip, added one and one and made three. So when Sally, the current queen of the daytime cooking show, Tempting Tarts, sent him to Charlotte’s door with an invitation to appear on her show, he just knew things weren’t going to go well.






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