I think I've always been of a romantic nature. Certainly, I've always been a reader and the first memory of wanting to become a writer was when I discovered the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. I immediately fell in love with Julian and I so wanted to be Anne! Then I discovered Anne of Green Gables and wanted to be her. Then came What Katy Did and guess what? Yes, I wanted to be Katy too. I've spent a good amount of my life with my head buried in books. I first discovered romance novels courtesy of my grandmother who used to read those little short romances that came with the English Women's Weekly. Then came Mills & Boon and from there I branched out far and wide.

As for wanting to be that writer - I started out small, entering a couple of short story competitions held by magazines and was highly commended in both. I won perfume both times - thank's Women's Day. Then I wrote my first full length romance - it took me at least 2 years and it was/is terrible! But the sense of accomplishment at actually finishing a book was immeasurable.

I love reading practically everything. Paranormal romance and romantic comedies are my favourites. Favourite authors include, Nalini Singh, Kim Harrison, Kristin Higgins, Janet Evanovich, Jennifer Crusie, Rachel Gibson, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Karina Bliss, Jennifer deCuir, Jill Barnett - oh how I love Jill Barnett's books. I also adore Eloisa James who writes historical romance. 

My all time favorite book though is The Wives of Bowie Stone by Maggie Osbourne. Look it up - it's still out there. It's about a deeply flawed heroine and hero and I love it!