Monday, March 2, 2015

The Romance Reviews 4th Anniversary Party

I'm Participating in The Romance Reviews 4th Anniversary Party throughout the month of March.  There are prizes to be won including a giveaway of my ebook Footloose & Faerie Free.  

Just click on the image above to take part. It's a fantastic competition!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Review - Trapped in Tourist Town

A Scallop Shores Novel - Great Read

Trapped in Tourist Town

Crimson Romance eBooks

The benefit of having a few days off work over Christmas and New Year, one has the time to read and I've just read a book for review which will be released 5 January US eastern standard time that I think you would enjoy. I know I did. Warm, funny and well written, I really did enjoy this book. So here's my review.

I’ve not read any of Jennifer DeCuir’s books before, but I will be from now on. I just loved the characters  and setting in this book.  I’m a sucker for anything set in a small town, especially on the east coast of the US.  Cady has been wanting out of her small home town to head to the bright lights of NYC for what seems like forever, but when Travel writer Burke arrives in town, he's ready to settle down, and knows Cady is the one for him. Now Cady is questioning all the reasons why she wants to leave town but Burke is insisting she needs to leave in order to fulfill her dream. But she's beginning to question all the reasons why she wants to leave town.  Cady is the kind of person I want to be my friend.  Surrounded by family and friends who love her, Burke realizes very early on just exactly what is missing in his life. Well…. Sigh… Burke has such a huge heart and I really loved the way in which he was absorbed into the small town and community so quickly.  This is my kind of book. Warm, caring and funny as well.  Highly recommend

A note on Jennifer which I took from the Crimson Romance ebooks site:

Jennifer DeCuir is a busy writer mom, yarn hoarder and coffee addict. She hates to cook and tries to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen – for which her family is eternally grateful. Visit her at, on Facebook, and on Twitter @JenniferDeCuir.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Smashwords: 2015 Book Publishing Industry Predictions: Slow Gr...

An interesting read on the state of self-publishing. Check it out.

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