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Anne R. Allen's Blog: Confessions of NYT Bestselling Author Gone Indie

For those interested in self-publishing, Anne R. Allen always has wonderful blogs and interviews about writing and in particular self-publishing.  She's posted a fab interview with Eileen Goudge this week that is well worth a read.  Here's the link.

Anne R. Allen's Blog: Confessions of NYT Bestselling Author Gone Indie

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Heather Thurmeier, The Wedding Hoax and Giveaway

Heather Thurmeier, The Wedding Hoax and Giveaway

Welcome to romance author Heather Thurmeier who has popped by to tell us all about her new release THE WEDDING HOAX (don't you just love the title).  She's also agreed to answer a few questions about writing romance and has a giveaway at the end of this post you can enter to win a lovely bracelet - via Rafflecopter. 

Author bio:
Heather Thurmeier is a lover of strawberry margaritas and a hater of spiders. She was born and raised in the Canadian prairies, but now lives in New York state with her husband and kids where she’s become some kind of odd Canuck-Yankee hybrid. When she's not busy taking care of the kids, Heather’s writing her next romance, which will probably be filled with sassy heroines, sexy heroes who make your heart pound, laugh out loud moments, and always a happily ever after. You can find out more about Heather and her books by checking out her website at:

So First up I sent Heather a few questions, which I now refer to as THE GRILLING!

So Heather how long have you been writing and what genre do you write in?  
I’ve been writing for 6 years now. I write romance—contemporary, paranormal and new adult. 

What is it you love about writing and what attracted you to writing romance? 
I love the freedom to make my own schedule and work when it fits in with the rest of my life, namely being a full-time stay at home mom. My family will always be my first priority, but writing is a career that I can totally fit into that. I love writing romance because I believe in true love and happily ever after. Writing romances allows me to relive those moments over and over again. What’s not to love about falling in love?

Could you tell us about your first sale and why you also chose the Indie Publishing route as well? 
My first sale to a publisher was with one that doesn’t really exist anymore. At the time, I was thrilled that someone found my story worthy of publishing. And I’m still grateful for that first publishing credit because it definitely spurred me on to bigger and better things. The indie publishing route attracted me because I don’t believe in putting all of my eggs in one basket. There are so many avenues available to us as writers, I feel it’s beneficial to keep my options open and fluid to change with the market.

What do you think is necessary to produce a successful book and do you have any suggestions for those wanting to write romance?
Patience, hard work, willingness to learn, and a bit of talent. Learn your craft, write, and write some more. Don’t give up and get discouraged at the first sign of difficulty. Keep learning, keep writing and eventually you’ll get there.

When I write I'm often not sure how I'm going to get to the end. Therefore I'm a pantser. Are you a plotter or a panster?
I’m a plotter, all the way. I need to know what point A is and what point z is. And usually a few along the way like points E, M, U etc. Those things might change through the process, but I need to have an idea going into it.

If you were cast actors for your characters, who would they be?
Cole:  Joe Manganiello Or Liam Hemsworth
Daisy:  Amy Adams or Scarlett Johansson
Note from Rowena:  Oooh, I do love that Joe Manganiello!!!

Do you have a favorite book or books that you always go back to? 

I’ve read the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning a couple of times already and I would happily read it again. Same goes for the entire Harry Potter seires. I have really eclectic reading tastes!

What’s next for you? 

Up next I’m hoping to write another contemporary romance. I would also like to write the second in my Falling Stars paranormal romance series.

For fun, if you were to have a dinner party, and you could invite anyone in the world, who would you invite and why? 
I would invite: Bruce Willis because I’ve loved him forever and seeing that lopsided smile he does would be awesome, J.K. Rowling and Steven King because I’d like to ask them a million questions about writing, Will Farrell and Jimmy Fallon because they would keep us laughing through the meal and maybe my family because it wouldn’t be as much fun without them there sharing it with me.

The Wedding Hoax - a blurb and excerpt!!

Buy Links:


A satisfying category romance from Entangled’s Lovestruck imprint…

To save their companies, they’ll plan the fake wedding of the century...
Meet the bride...

Daisy Willows is a wedding dress designer who longs for her own happily-ever-after. In the meantime, she’s struggling to keep her business going even as she covers her mom’s increasing medical expenses. So when a bridal show expo owner offers to help her out, she can hardly say no. And all it takes is Daisy pretending she’s back with her playboy ex. And that they’re engaged...
Meet the groom...

Cole Benton works for his father’s bridal magazine, which is on the verge of downsizing. All he really wants is a crack at an outdoor lifestyle magazine, and if he has to fake-marry Daisy to make it happen, he’s definitely in. Now Daisy and Cole are playing up their fake engagement, shopping for rings, and even kissing upon request. All of which is makes it a whole lot harder to remember that their big white wedding is a big white lie...


Cole adjusted himself in the boutique chair as Daisy came out in yet another stunning dress. He didn’t think it was possible to be attracted to a woman in a wedding gown, but apparently it was.

And it was maddening.
Damn it. He didn’t want to be any more attracted to Daisy than he already was. At this point, he wanted her to walk down the aisle in a white garbage bag so he didn’t have to see the shape of her curves, teasing him about what he couldn’t have but also couldn’t stop thinking about.

Nor could he stop imagining those undergarments she’d mentioned to the women at the bridal show. Was Daisy wearing something sexy under all that white lace and satin, too? A push-up bra? A thong?

He sat forward and leaned his elbows on his knees, ignoring the ache in his groin at the thought of Daisy in a thong. He didn’t even have to use his imagination. An image
of her lying on her stomach across his bed came to mind. Her skin had been smooth under his fingertips as he traced the lace of her thong to where it disappeared between two luscious hills of milky-white flesh. She’d shivered beneath his touch when he’d caressed the tiny crease where her bottom met the backs of her thighs. And when he’d playfully smacked her ass, the apples of her cheeks weren’t the only spot on her body to blush as she’d rolled away from him, giggling and smiling seductively.

If he’d realized that would be one of his last moments with Daisy, he would have savored it more, prolonged his own enjoyment to push hers further. What he wouldn’t give to see that spark in her eyes when she was on the cusp of going over the edge again. Or the pink tinge in her cheeks as his tongue tasted her.

“Cole!” Daisy’s voice was sharp, piercing his thoughts and shattering the nice memory he was currently enjoying more than the present moment.

“That one is nice,” Cole said on instinct, forcing himself to focus on the dress she wore instead of what she might be wearing underneath it. This dress was similar to the others— sleeveless, white, satin and beads, and expertly hand-stitched. He’d never really given Daisy a lot of credit for her work before, but he should have. She was a master of her craft.

She put her hands on her hips. “That’s what you said about every dress so far. Are you even paying attention?”


“I’m trying to, but you know how I feel about shopping.” He laid his head back and rubbed his eyes hard, hoping to erase the memory of Daisy’s thong from his brain long enough to get through this torture without a raging hard-on.

“How could I forget? You’re worse than taking a child shopping. At least with a kid you can give them a snack or a toy to keep them busy.”

“I could go for a snack.” He shrugged.

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Spotlight On: Author Morgan O'Neill - The Italian Series

The Italian Series by Morgan O'Neill

Morgan O'Neill is the combination of two authors writing as one. Cary Morgan Frates and Deborah O’Neill Cordes specialize in recreating pivotal moments in history, epic adventure, and romance - with a time travel twist. They are the award-winning authors of the medieval Italian time travel duo, The Other Side of Heaven, and its sequel, Time Enough for Love, and the forthcoming Elizabethan time travel series, which will debut with The Thornless Rose, from Entangled Publishing, LLC, in November, 2014. They are also the authors of the Roman time travel series, which will be re-released in 2015

Morgan O'Neill are two of the nicest most approachable writers you could ever meet and I'm more than happy to have them over to tell you all about The Other Side of Heaven and Time Enough for Love.  I just love their covers and really, enjoyed reading this series.

The Other Side of Heaven, Book One of the Italian Time Travel Series

The Other Side of Heaven
Californian Gwendolyn Godwyn seeks to learn her family’s history and hopes to restore the bond that once existed between her Italian forebearers and those who live in America. While visiting her ancestral Italian town, Gwen is caught in a violent earthquake and inexplicably thrust through time. At first refusing to believe what has happened, she nevertheless uses her wits to survive, donning a monk’s cowl to hide her identity as a woman. Ripped apart from all she has ever known, Gwen finds herself in the midst of brutal territorial battles in an era she once blithely called “The Dark Ages.” When the golden Italian summer of 951 emerges from the strife and gloom, Gwen joins forces with a cadre of gallant men, allies in the struggle against the evil nobles, Willa of Tuscany and Count Berengar, kidnappers of Italy’s rightful queen, Adelaide. Along with Father Warinus and Lord Alberto Uzzo, Gwen seeks to rescue Adelaide and restore her kingdom. In the midst of this great adventure, Gwen falls in love with the complex and passionate Alberto, to whom she reveals her identity as a woman. But can Alberto learn to love her strong and independent nature and help Gwen in her quest to discover her rightful place in time?

Time Enough for Love, Book Two of the Italian Time Travel Series

Time Enough For Love
Through dark magic, Californian Gwendolyn Godwyn has been swept back in time to medieval Italy. There, she finds herself in the midst of a war between Italy’s rightful queen, Adelaide, and those who have kidnapped her and seek to usurp her crown. Risking her life, Gwen elects to play a pivotal role in the planned rescue. In the midst of the chaos, she is drawn to the queen’s champion, Lord Alberto Uzzo, who battles not only their military foes, but also his personal demons. Tested to the limit when he discovers Gwen’s true identity as a time traveler, Alberto nevertheless fights through his doubt and the whirl of superstition that surrounds this intriguing and strong-willed woman. Time is of the essence as the lovers seek to overcome the evil forces rallying against the queen they’ve vowed to save. Will Gwen and Alberto be able to overcome the groundswell of danger to find time enough for love?

Review Quotes:
“What an amazing adventure... These two books will have a very treasured place on my bookshelf.” ~ Review by Hitherandthee of Night Owl Reviews. Both novels were given Top Picks, 4.5 stars for The Other Side of Heaven, 5 stars for Time Enough for Love.

“Alberto and Gwen's relationship was one of the most touching and heartfelt romances, that I've read in a long time.” ~ Review by Angela Searles, Satin Sheets Romance Reviews. 

To learn more about Morgan O'Neill and what they have planned next you can visit them at their website

 The Other Side of Heaven